About Me

Hey there! I'm Khaled. i develop web sites since year 2000. Worked full time in web and windows development for around 9 years. Started outsourcing and freelancing in 2009.

I created my own lite and fast php content management system (LIFE CMS) which allow me quickly and flexibly convert any solid design HTML pages into complete dynamic working website.

Send me your Photoshop design, i will handle every thing next, converting it to HTML files with its javascripts and CSS files, then add an awesome customized CMS to allow you to manage ur finished web site easily, smoothly and secured.

I love this work, to push life into solid designs.

Personal Info.

Living in Cairo, Egypt. Age around 35 years old :( .
Proud to be a runner, i run almost daily.
Most of my time outside work with two daughters Arwa and Leena.



jQuery, Javascript

Facebook Applications

Chrome Extensions Development

Windows Application Development